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Hazards of the Holidays – How To Keep Your Pets Safe

December 10, 2010

 It’s that time of year again. Admittedly, I love the holidays. I enjoy Christmas music more than most people I know. I love spending extra time with my family, the hustle and bustle of a crowded mall, giving presents, and I even love snow.

With all the extra distractions, parties and time away from home, the holidays can become a dangerous time of year for our pets. Here are some tips to keep your furry family members safe during the holiday season and all-year round.

Dangerous Foods

While table scraps of any type will most likely cause gastric upset, there are certain foods that are even more dangerous.

  • Toxic foods: raisins, chocolate (baking cocoa is the most dangerous), garlic and onions.
  • Rising bread: If consumed while still rising, the bread can continue to expand within the stomach.
  •  Meat drippings: Be very careful about where you dispose of meat drippings as the scent and flavor will often entice dogs to eat things they normally wouldn’t. Example: pouring meat drippings off the side of your deck into a decorative rock bed could result in your prized pooch eating several pounds of rocks.

Decorations and Household Dangers

Space heaters: Be aware of where you place heaters. They not only present a burn danger to pets, but pets can also knock space heaters over resulting in house fires.

Christmas Lights: Pets will often chew on strands of lights. Observe your pets carefully. Place lights in a place where pets do not have access to them, and do not leave your pets alone with the lights plugged in.

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Hooks: Tree ornaments do not make good toys. They are often small and easily eaten. Ornament frequently fall from trees and break -often leading to cuts on the paws and mouth. The hanging hooks frequently end up in the stomach and causing injury to paws.

Tree Tinsel and Ribbons: These objects are often very attractive to cats. Consuming these fabrics can result in an intestinal obstruction. Keep ribbons, strings and tinsel away from cats.

Pine Needles: Consuming pine needles can result cause intestinal obstruction.

Candles: Burn hazard especially to cats!

 Great Gift Ideas For Your Pets

 Don’t forget about your pets during gift giving time.

  • An engraved ID tag: This simple inexpensive gift could be just what’s needed to reunite you and your pet if it’s lost.
  • A microchip: A permanent identification chip can be placed under your pet’s skin. This will nearly ensure a homecoming if your pet escapes or is lost.
  • Dental chews:  Nearly all pets suffer from dental disease. This a great time to provide them with the dental chews needed to help maintain oral health.
  •  A ball or fetching toy: All pets benefit from exercise and it’s a great way to spend time with your pet.
  •  A donation to a local humane society or charitable pet organization in your pet’s name.
  • Start a savings account for your pet. The extra cash will certainly be helpful when your pet needs a dental cleaning or an unexpected surgery.

 I hope this blog finds you, your family, and your 4-legged friends healthy and happy. Enjoy this wonderful time of year!